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Bagels and Biometrics

Expert panel to discuss implementing multi-factor authentication How financial services and healthcare organizations can expedite the process of safeguarding themselves with biometric security. April 28, 7:30-9:00 AM. The SilverLogic 751 Park of Commerce Drive, Suite 126 Boca Raton, FL MIAMI, FL. 19 April 2019 Many people do not realize how numerous and successful data breaches and… Read more »

South Florida Code Camp

South Florida Code Campers to learn Mobile Multi-factor Biometric Authentication
Lesson One: the three “must-haves” of MFA mobile.

7 reasons why your business needs a password manager

Whether for personal use or for business purposes, password managers can help keep your credentials secure and prevent sensitive information from being leaked. This holds especially true for businesses that want to keep network security in top shape, and password managers can help to ensure that poor user management will not result in detrimental effects… Read more »

Here’s why biometrics is one of the smartest security measures in healthcare

Biometrics is the science of identifying people through physical characteristics. It includes technologies that can differentiate people by their facial structure, fingerprints and more. These technologies have been around for decades, but until recently have they been exploding in growth. With lower costs, improvement in accuracy and acceptance from the public, biometrics is now especially… Read more »