Fortress Identity closes new round of financing with Moss & Associates

Fortress Identity Press Release

Institutional contractor sees important synergies with Fortress Identity.

Moss & Associates, one of the largest privately held general contractors in the Southeast, is helping to finance one of the region’s most innovative companies: Fortress Identity.

MIAMI – 21 April 2019

According to Chad Moss, EVP, “Moss has always been on the leading edge of technology in its project delivery methods. We are always striving to provide the best outcomes for our clients. We’re also committed to giving back to the South Florida community. So, when we saw Fortress Identity’s vision for strengthening the security of mobile banking systems, while improving customer experience, we recognized that they align closely with our work and philanthropic endeavors.”

Fortress Identity specializes in multi-factor biometric authentication, systems that let organizations confirm the identity of users quickly and with an extremely high degree of certainty. Fortress Identity’s systems enable banks, healthcare facilities, online retailers and others to wrap transactions and access points in layers of security.

CEO Alessandro Chiarini describes them as “biometric fortresses.” “When you combine biometric factors such as a fingerprint or voice with other active and passive biometric factors, you’re making yourself nearly impossible to hack,” Chiarini says. “And biometric identification is so much easier for customers to use than clumsy passwords and questions—especially when they are on mobile devices.”

Chiarini emphasizes that many organizations still fail to grasp the danger posed by hackers and fraudsters. “Anything less than multifactor biometric authentication is simply too easy to attack,” he says. “The new generation of threats is potent. Luckily, security solutions are available now that can help you safeguard your assets and infrastructure. I advise you to review your vulnerabilities and take appropriate action before the worst happens.”

Moss is a national privately held construction firm providing innovative solutions resulting in award-winning projects. With regional offices across the United States, Moss focuses on construction management at-risk, design-build and public-private partnerships. The company’s diverse portfolio encompasses a wide range of sectors, including luxury high-rise residential, landmark mixed-use developments, hospitality, primary and higher education, justice and solar energy.