Fortress Identity launches Passive Facial Liveness

Passive facial Liveness

Miami, FL, July 19th, 2020 – Fortress Identity, a leading provider of Digital ID Verification and Adaptive Biometric Authentication, launches Passive Facial Liveness capability to their Authentication As A Service platform to further provide secure, frictionless customer experiences

In 1950, Alan Turing developed the famous “Turing Test”. It measures a computer’s ability to exhibit human-like behavior. Conversely, Liveness Detection is Artificial Intelligence (AI) that determines if a computer is interacting with a live human. “If we translate that to today’s’ advancements in utilizing biometric authentication in uses cases such as digital payments, e-learning, and tele-medicine, we need to accurately, and with minimal friction, determine if a bad actor is trying to spoof the system (example a mask or deep fake) and gain access to a particular transaction and/or additional sensitive private user data, resulting in a loss for both the victim and the customer”, says Alessandro Chiarini, CEO and founder of Fortress Identity.

“We are always looking to make the customer experience, both during onboarding a new customer, and subsequently in authenticating future transactions, as frictionless as possible, while maintaining the highest level of security. This is why we designed and launched the first adaptive compound biometric authentication platform which uses utilizes 2 or more biometric modalities (example face and voice), device authentication, network status, and environmental feedback, to create an instant, dynamic, user scoring and recommendation solution. Our advanced but low code platform removes the barriers of difficulty of implementing biometric authentication solutions, while allowing end user anonymity through tokenization, which further promotes decentralized identity initiatives.”, continues Alessandro.

Facial Recognition and Passive Facial Liveness, both available on the Fortress Identity platform, are two different concepts that should not be confused. Passive facial liveness only to determines if the subject is alive without requiring smiling, blinking, or any movement. Facial Recognition matches the user to an existing template to provide authentication for a transaction.

Fortress Identity provides Digital ID Verification and Authentication As A Service platform for US, Europe and Latin America. We focus on Financial Services, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Transportation markets with capabilities for Digital Onboarding, Employee Verification via LDAP/AD, Payments (POS/E-commerce), Telemedicine, E-Learning, and Logistics.