Fortress Identity to offer Biometrics Expertise at Visa LATAM Security Summit 2019

Fortress Identity Press Release

Fortress Identity sponsors this event to raise awareness on fraud and secure mobile payments.

MIAMI. 11 March 2019

For all their advantages, mobile payments have posed banks, merchants, airlines, and payment aggregators to new levels of risk. Sharing information on emerging threats and security solutions is one of the most effective means of mitigating that risk.

Visa is leading the way.

The 2019 Visa Latin America and Caribbean Security Summit will bring experts from many industries together for two days of extensive discussions on securing payment ecosystems, the state of global online fraud, consumer authentication, and much more.

Fortress Identity CEO Alessandro Chiarini will advise attendees on true multi-factor authentication as a participant in a panel on Creating New Secure Ways to Pay and be Paid. Allen Cueli, Vice President of Payments Products for Visa Latin America and the Caribbean, will moderate the discussion.

Visa Latin America and Caribbean Security Summit 2019, Securing a Connected World

March 13–14, 2019. 7:45 a.m.–6:30 p.m.

SLS Brickell Hotel
1300 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33130

According to Chiarini,

“True MFA (multi-factor authentication) relies on three factors: possession (of a token), knowledge (of a password or code) and inherence (one’s biometric characteristics.) Two-factor authentication is still the norm because establishing inherence is so technically complex. But the fact is that robust, flexible, easily implemented biometric authentication is available today and can be incorporated in any mobile app with a minimal amount of code.”

Chiarini believes that a new generation of hackers is simply blasting through two-factor security.

“These hackers are ingenious, relentless, and, so far, quite successful. But true multi-factor authentication can stop them cold. I’m looking forward to sharing this critical breakthrough in security technology at the Visa Security Summit.”Alessandro Chiarini – CEO, Fortress Identity

Fortress Identity, a leading provider of multi-factor authentication solutions to the financial services industry, understands that supporting events like the Visa Latin America and Caribbean Security Summit, helps to raise awareness of mobile payment systems’ vulnerability to hackers and fraud.

As Chiarini observes, true multi-factor security not only safeguards the institution, it creates a superior user experience. And the value of that is reflected in greater customer satisfaction and retention.

About Fortress Identity

For VISA card issuers, Fortress Identity multi-modal, multi-factor biometric user authentication options are key to providing nearly impossible-to-exploit security and ease-of-use for people conducting business on their phones. From the card issuer’s perspective, having their users securely authenticated means less online fraud, and far fewer chargebacks from disputed transactions.