Identity Week London

Fortress Identity Press Release

Fortress Identity to Showcase Latest Innovations in Voice Biometrics at Identity Week, London, June 11-13

Reinventing biometric security for FinServ, Healthcare

Fortress Identity will be demonstrating the expanded functionality of its voice authentication SDK at Identity Week, June 11-13. It now provides three different types of voice authentication to support different needs and environments.

London June 9 2019

The firm can authenticate users via smartphone or computer mic by analyzing their voices as they recite a phrase, a single-use number, or simply speak freely. Because each human voice contains dozens of unique characteristics, it’s extraordinarily difficult to spoof.

Voice is also ideal for situations requiring both a high degree of security and hands-free functionality. For example, imagine a nurse entering an ICU. Because he’s wearing surgical gloves, he can’t use a keyboard. Instead, he walks up to a monitor that receives a beacon from a device in his pocket. The monitor recognizes him. Next, he recites the randomly generated number that appears on the screen. His voice is compared to the voiceprint on file, confirming his identity. Now, the patient records he needs are made available to him, and the system knows when and by whom those records were accessed.

Fortress Identity is also demonstrating a new authentication system that enables faster on-boarding of employees and customers. The new solution can verify the authenticity of an individual’s driver’s license or passport ID from over 200 countries in just seconds. And the user experience is swift and hassle-free. From a smartphone, the user takes a photo of his or her ID, and a selfie, and the system does the rest.

According to CEO Alessandro Chiarini, “These new innovations are natural extensions of our biometric multi-factor authentication (MFA) products. Fortress is focused on providing biometric tools for enhanced security and a better customer experience.”