CEO Alessandro Chiarini speaks with Dr. Chang of AIMed about the future of Voice Biometrics and Health Technology

Last week, Fortr3ss Inc. was proud to be amongst the brightest innovators of health information and technology at HIMSS18, an annual conference and exhibition that brings together over 40,000 health IT professional, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world.

During the conference, Co-Founder and CEO Alessandro Chiarini sat down with Dr. Anthony Chang, Chair and Founder of AIMed, to discuss voice biometrics in healthcare.

“We feel that there is a need for voice biometrics, as it’s the most natural evolution of identity management, over fingerprint, over retina, and other types identity that requires specialized equipment. Voice biometrics is natural and people can get identified very quickly,” Chiarini explained.

Fortr3ss began in telemedicine, where they built an integration to a telemedicine application. They anticipate focusing on medicare fraud or accessing pharmaceutical sensitive information as other avenues of implementing voice biometrics, particularly the Fortr3ss application to secure identity amongst patients.

The goal? “To have the end user to not do too many things or do any other type of biometric,” Chiarini explains to Chang.

Chiarini tells Chang that Fortr3ss is in the process of learning more about the user- patterning their feelings, looking at sentiment and emotion- in order to fully understand deep learning.