Our mission: Strengthen trust between organizations, their employees, and customers. To achieve this, we developed a series of products that enable developers to easily incorporate active and passive biometric authentication to their mobile iOS and Android applications, Microsoft Active Directory environments and Citrix applications.

Fortress Identity Mobile SDK

Providing iOS and Android application developers with:

Nearly-impossible-to-exploit level of biometric user authentication.

Multimodal, multi-factor – biometric security to control user access

A powerful means of safeguarding risk-based transactions

Frictionless user identification experience

Fortress Identity Citrix

Providing Citrix application developers with:

Full multimodal, multi-factor identification. For certainty in identity management.

A variety of biometric options to more securely manage transactions and access from desktop and mobile devices.

Active and Passive biometrics – face, fingerprint, voice and behavior access control options.

Fortress Identity AD

Providing Active Directory environments with:

Easy way to add biometrics to strengthen or replace password access.

Simple but powerful way to mitigate internal threats.

The means to let users reset their own passwords.