Digital ID Verification.

Fortress Identity provides a unified, cost effective platform that enables you to verify IDs from 195 countries and continuously KYC (know your customer) from beginning to end.

The platform combines onboarding validation, compliance and due diligence, with biometric multifactor authentication that eliminates passwords and enhances the entire user experience.

Use the Fortress Identity platform for

Validate IDs (drivers licenses, passports, National ID cards) from over 195 countries, over 7600 document types.
Compliance and Due Diligence
Connect to multiple identity verification databases for fraud detection, OFAC verification, AML monitoring and more.
Login access and transaction approval with Compound Biometrics
via user’s biometrics (e.g., face and voice).

The Fortress Identity omni-channel authentication platform is flexible and easy to implement

  • The mobile phone number has to match
  • The mobile phone ID has to match
  • The user’s voiceprint has to match
  • The random number recited by the user has to match
  • The passive biometric factors have to match for authentication

The Fortress Identity Onboarding Authentication Platform functions include

ID verification

  • Validates IDs from 195 countries, over 7600 documents
  • Compares facial features and liveliness (selfie) to image on document(s)
  • Transfers document information (OCR) via XML or REST
  • Provides programmable rules for multiple documents

Compound Biometric Modalities

  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice Validation

Quick-Implementation turnkey solution

  • SDK contains Low Code HTML system with JavaScript library, dashboard and APIs
  • White Label or Standalone application

Capture, Compare and Report

  • Computer IP address
  • Computer geolocation
  • Mobile geolocation
  • Mobile IP address
  • Network security checks
  • Data source results from due diligence

Connection to internal and external data sources and repositories

  • XML or REST
  • Simultaneous and on-demand Send/Receive/Response control
  • Library of approved country IDs available for validation

Admin control

  • Dashboard panel to select data sources
  • User display customization
  • Disclaimer
  • Compliance protocol
  • Document requirements (based on business rules)

Due Diligence data connections

Office of Foreign Assets Control
Anti-Money Laundering
Know Your Customer
Counter-terrorism finance
Politically Exposed Persons
State Owned Enterprise
Members of State Owned Enterprises
Employment Development Department

Advanced system configuration, and connections to customer-designated systems are available upon request.

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