Fortress Identity™ SDK

The biometric security SDK for Android and iOS.

Add active and passive biometric user authentication to new or existing mobile applications. Easily implement multimodal, multi-factor user identification. Choose from an arsenal of almost-impossible-to-exploit biometric user identity security including: voice, fingerprint, face and frictionless passive behavioral factors. Designed for secure access and transactions control with or without passwords.

Fortress Identity Mobile SDK enables:

  • Secure nearly-impossible-to-exploit biometric authentication
  • Flexible, multimodal biometric security for control user access
  • A powerful means of safeguarding risk-based transactions
  • User-friendly -frictionless user identification experience

Fortress Identity Mobile SDK gives developers wide latitude:

  • Easily add high-level biometric access security to new or existing mobile applications
  • Select from SDK library which active (face, fingerprint, voice) and passive (behavior) biometric modes to implement
  • Address corporate transaction and user access security policies with biometric plugins
  • Choose where multiple biometric data can be stored

You get a comprehensive suite of capabilities

You can easily and effectively combine multimodal active and passive biometrics and multi-factor (device, email, geolocation, device ID) authentication with Fortress Identity Mobile SDK.

For example, consider this user login sequence:

  1. A mobile user logs on with user name, password
  2. Fortress Identity requests secondary credentials, a spoken, single-use random number that the application provides
  3. Fortress Identity then authenticates the user by a) verifying the random number; b) comparing the voice to the user’s registered voiceprint; c) analyzing the user’s mobile device details; and d) analyzing passive behavioral factors such as how the person holds the phone

Biometrics mobile SDK code example

Multimodal Multi-Factor Identity checkpoints for known users:

One or more biometric modes and security factors can be selected by developers.

  • The mobile phone number has to match
  • The mobile phone ID has to match
  • The user’s voiceprint has to match
  • The random number recited by the user has to match
  • The passive biometric factors have to match for authentication

Request a Fortress Identity Mobile SDK now.

See for yourself in your own sandbox what makes Fortress Identity Mobile SDK the best, most flexible way to add the power of multi-factor, multimodal biometric security to your new or existing applications.

Fortress Identity Citrix Biometric SDK

Fortress Mobile SDK Key Features
Provides full multimodal authentication including voice, fingerprint, face and behavioral biometrics
Uses phones’ local resources for fingerprint (both android and iOS) and facial (only iOS)
Fixed-Phrase and Free Text Voice Verification
  • Create the experience that works best for your users.
  • Choose from three Fortress Identity voice verification options:
    1. Fixed-phrase: Users identify themselves with a few words. Example: Avengers, the EndGame.
    2. Free text: Users speak until the system recognizes their voice’s unique characteristics.
    3. Token: Provides unique random 10 digit numbers to capture and validate user’s voice.
It takes just 9 seconds to register and create user’s unique voiceprint
Continues frictionless authentication through behavioral biometrics. System continuously learns from user activity.
ID Validation in 200+ countries
  • Reduce fraud, speed digital on-boarding and reduce operational overhead with Fortress Identity’s ID validation solution.
  • Now you can verify the authenticity of driver’s licenses and passports in real-time, on-premises or remotely.
  • Fortress Identity offers the industry’s highest speed and accuracy, as well as the largest document library: more than 200 countries.
  • The experience is swift and hassle-free. The user takes a photo of their ID and a selfie, and the system does the rest.
Provides task-based authentication
Provides real-time intelligence
  1. Checks whether user’s phone is rooted or jailbroken
  2. Checks for user’s geo-location
  3. Checks how user holds the phone, types and swipes
No Personally Identifiable Information (PII)is stored on Fortress Identity servers
Developer can choose to deliver Fortress Identity solution on-device, on-premises and/or as SaaS
Developers can easily add step-up biometric authentication based on risk factors.

Strengthen your network against external and internal theft and sabotage.

Use our multimodal multi-factor biometric solutions to verify the user in transactions, not just access.

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