Here’s why biometrics is one of the smartest security measures in healthcare

Biometrics is the science of identifying people through physical characteristics. It includes technologies that can differentiate people by their facial structure, fingerprints and more. These technologies have been around for decades, but until recently have they been exploding in growth. With lower costs, improvement in accuracy and acceptance from the public, biometrics is now especially… Read more »

The pros and cons of biometrics in the healthcare industry

Did you know that your heart beat is unique to you? In fact, there are even wearables that measure and convert your heart beat into passcodes. That’s biometrics for you. Biometrics has the capacity to transform nearly every industry into a metric art form, including health and IT security. Data security is critical in the… Read more »

Three key ways biometrics can significantly impact Health IT Security

Fortr3ss Inc. is honored to be amongst the brightest innovators this week at HIMSS 2018, an annual conference and exhibition that brings together over 40,000 health IT professional, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. Recently, HIMSS Analytics released its 2016 Essentials Brief: Security Study – Biometrics, providing high-level insight on how healthcare organizations are… Read more »