Turn mobile, web and server applications into biometric fortresses

Access the power of artificial intelligence

Easily incorporate biometric authentication to secure:

iOS and Android applications

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Microsoft Active Directory environments

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Citrix applications

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Fortress Identity products provide:

Active and passive biometrics

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Multiple modalities:

Mobile SDK

Voice, fingerprint, face and behavior

Multi-factor authentication

Mobile SDK

Our mission:

Strengthen trust between organizations, their employees, and customers.

Our Products

Fortress Identiy Mobile Multi-Factor Biometric Security SDK Logo

Fortress Identity Mobile SDK

Providing iOS and Android application developers with:

A nearly impossible-to-exploit level of biometric user authentication

Multimodal, multi-factor biometric security options to control user access to sensitive data

Easy-to-implement, frictionless user identification experience

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Fortress Identity Citrix Multi-Factor Biometric Security Logo

Fortress Identity Citrix

Providing Citrix applications with:

Full multimodal, multi-factor biometric user authentication

Active and passive biometrics: face, fingerprint, voice and behavior options

Step-up options to control access to confidential and restricted systems and information

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Fortress Identity Multi-Factor Active Directory Biometric Security Logo

Fortress Identity AD

Providing Active Directory environments with:

Easy way to add biometrics to strengthen or replace password access

A simple but powerful way of mitigating internal threats

Cost effective way to enable users to reset their own passwords

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