User Authentication made simple with Compound Biometrics

Turn mobile, web and server applications into biometric fortresses

biometric authentication for web applications fortress identity

Simplify authentication for users and increase your security

Fortress Identity is simplifying everything about secure authentication by introducing a biometric API into the equation.

Implement voice authentication directly in the browser and expand to include the user's smart phone for true multi-factor authentication.

The Fortress Identity Biometric Authenticator™

User Authentication made simple with Compound Biometrics.

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Easily incorporate compound biometric authentication to also secure:

iOS and Android applications

Mobile SDK as text

Microsoft Active Directory environments

Active Directory as text

Citrix applications

Citrix as text

Fortress Identity products provide:

Active and passive biometrics

Active and passive biometrics diagramm

Multiple modalities:

Mobile SDK

Voice, fingerprint, face and behavior

Multi-factor authentication

Mobile SDK

Our mission:

Strengthen trust between organizations, their employees, and customers.

Other Fortress Identity Products

Fortress Identiy Mobile Multi-Factor Biometric Security SDK Logo

Fortress Identity Mobile SDK

Providing iOS and Android application developers with:

A nearly impossible-to-exploit level of biometric user authentication

Multimodal, multi-factor biometric security options to control user access to sensitive data

Easy-to-implement, frictionless user identification experience

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Fortress Identity Citrix Multi-Factor Biometric Security Logo

Fortress Identity Citrix

Providing Citrix applications with:

Full multimodal, multi-factor biometric user authentication

Active and passive biometrics: face, fingerprint, voice and behavior options

Step-up options to control access to confidential and restricted systems and information

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Fortress Identity Multi-Factor Active Directory Biometric Security Logo

Fortress Identity AD

Providing Active Directory environments with:

Easy way to add biometrics to strengthen or replace password access

A simple but powerful way of mitigating internal threats

Cost effective way to enable users to reset their own passwords

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